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FREE SOFTWARE // Delphi source code

I believe in freeware and open source. I think they could, and should, be extended to many other aspects of our life. That would probably make our lives a bit better. Sharing free software and source with other people is my small way to contribute to this principle. 

You are free to use the source as you want, provided that you give proper credit to me and other authors. I'll be happy to upload here any improvement you may do on my software.

All code should work with any Borland/Codegear Delphi version from 2 onwards (but I haven't tested them with all versions). All the necessary extra components are included. Use at your own risk.

Games with source (components included):

Blip (256K)
Master Mind (317K)
Othello (362K)
Poker Machine (287K)
Super Memory (287K)
Yahtzee (302K)
Tic-tac-toe (251K)

All games together (2 Mb)

Freeware components:

TDice (3K) - A 2D colored dice for your games.
TCard (34K) - Show cards and decks, with no additional DLLs required.
TTimeOut (2K) - Stop your application after a specified date, showing a message.