FAQ - Frequently asked questions

I have been given one of the cameras, what should I do?
Please take 1 picture of anything you like, people, a place, an animal, a detail, anything: feel free to be as classic or creative as you like. Please take the picture in DAYLIGHT or OUTDOOR as some cameras have no flash and the pictures tend to be rather dark... Then, within a couple of days, pass the camera along to someone else, anybody, as long as he/she's willing to continue the "game". Feel free to also send  the camera through the mail to make it travel to distant places as well.

I took the last photo / I can't take any picture, now what?
If all the photos have been taken, please send the camera in a well-protected package to:

Giulio Ferrari
Via Martin Luther King 7
41011 Campogalliano (Mo)

About the shipping costs: as soon as I receive the camera, I'll gladly refund your mailing costs through PayPal, wire transfer or any other method you like. This must be a free experience for you. Please just use priority/airmail and no expensive couriers!

In case you want to contact me please write to:

What about my privacy?
You just take a picture, so you are not sharing any personal details. Even if you'll be the one that sends the camera back, I won't reveal any personal details, your name will not be on the website. I will just use your details to refund you the shipping expenses, if you like me to.

Can I see the pictures?
Of course! That's the whole point... The photos will be publishied here as long as the camera gets back. Technically, the cameras and their pictures will remain property of mine, but I will share them here for viewing and downloading.

Where did the cameras start from?
The cameras have been sent to many different countries, including UK, France, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Sweden, Denmark, USA, Brasil, Japan, New Zealand and Australia, just to name a few. Or course, being italian, a good deal of the cameras started from different italian cities.

The camera is not really that good...
Ok, agreed. But what did you expect? Unfortunately I cannot afford to buy and send 99 expensive hi-tech gadgets around the world, so we'll have to do with cheap plastic single-use cameras. So please do not expect too much quality from the 'hardware' and from the film development...

Why 99?
Well, I initially bought 100 cameras for this project, but then of course I had to test one to make sure that it worked. Moreover, the domain "100cameras.com" was already taken, so here we are :-) But I do also think that 99 it's a more intriguing number.

Did you stop after 99? Any plan for the future?
Many people reacted with enthusiasm, and I've also been asked for some extra cameras, so I decided to send out a few more. For the moment I plan to stop at #118 (see below). Depending on the feedback and the overall figures, I'll later decide what to do.

Why the number and the strange camera name?
I wanted to give a number to each camera to make the identification easy. I also wanted to name them with something that could connect to the numbers 1-99. So I chose chemistry: every camera is named after the element that has that particular atomic number. For example camera #8 is Oxygen and camera #29 is Copper. I'm not a chemist, actually, but I liked the idea. As explained above, a few more cameras were released after the initial 99. I decided to stop at #118 because (for the moment) that's the last element that has been "discovered".