Welcome to the 99 Cameras project!

What is it?
99 single-use photo cameras have been released and sent worldwide to friends and acquaintances of mine. Every person that receives or finds one of the cameras is asked to take one picture only and then pass the camera to someone else. Anyone, a friend, a colleague or even someone you don't know. When all the pictures of a camera have been taken, it should be mailed and returned back to my address. When I'll receive it, I'll put the pictures on this website.

Just for fun!! For once in life, there's no money involved, it's a totally free project, and I'm not selling anything. The participants of the project (and everybody else) will be able to see the journey that the cameras made, through their pictures. Hopefully the cameras will travel in many different places of the planet! Of course, I have no idea of what the result will look like... but that makes things even more interesting.

Status of the project
At present, few cameras made their way back to me. Please check the gallery page to see the pictures. If you found a camera, please see the FAQ page.